Tolsen 75881, 11pcs Diamond core bit Set

KakilaiSKU: TT75881

Sale price$343.00


• 5pcs diamond core drill:

Ø38mm x 170mm, Ø52mm x 170mm,

Ø65mm x 170mm, Ø117mm x 170mm,

Ø127mm x 170mm

• 1pc SDS+ adaptor: 115mm

• 1pc SDS+ extension adaptor: 240mm

• 1pc Hex adaptor: 12 x 88mm

• 1pc Hex extension adaptor: 12 x 240mm

• 1pc Centre drill: 10 x 200mm

• 1pc Drift key: 6 x 50mm

• Packing: blow mould case with color sleeve



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