Tolsen 25089 Flat Ended Cold Chisel (24x18x300mm)

TolsenSKU: TT25089

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Flat Ended Cold Chisel ideal for all types of metalworking and masonry applications.

Key Features:
- Suitable for cutting, shaping, or removing wrought iron, cast-iron, steel, brass, bronze, copper, aluminum, bolts, nuts and rivets
- Plastic Hand protector provides a comfortable grip and big plate, protecting your hand from injury when you misplace hammer blows. The soft material also absorbs impact of hammer blow.
- Has a cutting edge at one end, and a struck face at the other.
- Made of high carbon steel that has been anti-corrosive powder coated using die-technology. Designed to last

- Material: Carbon Steel
- Length: 250 mm
- Width: 16 mm

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